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Christian Counseling Center (CCC) was established in 1993.  At that time, First Lutheran Church (FLC) Pastor Dietz noted that neither the level of service nor the frequency of counseling services available in the Tiffin area were not sufficient to meet the needs of the community.  Since then CCC has been an established professional counseling center for over 23 years, providing professional counseling services to Tiffin, Seneca County, and the surrounding communities.

Today, CCC at FLC is a private, nonprofit organization overseen by a six - member Board of Directors.  The Board oversees all functions of the Center including the approval of all professional staffing.  The Center is subject to periodic and quarterly review by the Board of Directors in all areas of service, mission, administration, and budget.  Although the Christian Counseling Center became a separate legal entity from First Lutheran Church in 2007, it continues to be a mission of First Lutheran Church.